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Teeth Straightening

Orthodontics is the art and science of moving teeth.

There are many reasons why you may want, or why we may recommend that your teeth are moved, but the main ones are to achieve a stable bite, to make cleaning them easier or to improve the appearance of crowded teeth.


How it works

At 3 one one dental care we consider the way your teeth will look once straightened and how they will complement your face. We will tailor your new smile to suit your facial structure and will look at the relationship between your jaw and tooth positions to ensure the finished result will enhance your appearance, not just your smile.

Your initial appointment will also include discussion of your specific treatment needs and the options available. An appropriate treatment plan will then be formulated. The following choices of braces are available:

Removable appliances

Can be taken out for eating, tooth brushing and the occasional night out. They tend to be used for less complex cases.

Fixed appliances

Small metal or clear ceramic pieces that are attached to your teeth and connected with metal or tooth-coloured wires. They allow precise tooth movements for optimal results.

Functional appliances

Removable braces which aim to alter jaw growth. They are best used between the ages of 11-14. Such appliances can significantly improve jaw relationships and facial aesthetics and are often used prior to fixed appliances to achieve the best possible results.


A series of removable plastic trays called aligners that are custom made for you. Each virtually invisible aligner allows a small amount of tooth movement until the desired result is achieved. There are no metal parts to irritate your gums.


May be removable or fixed and are recommended for long term use to ensure the smile we create stays with you for life.

As in all aspects of dentistry, prevention is better than cure and 3 one one is pleased to offer MYOBRACE, a pre-orthodontic treatment aimed at simplifying later orthodontic care.


We're ready to welcome you

We are currently accepting new patients and would love to welcome you to our family friendly dental practice. Please click the button below to register with us or to book an initial consultation.

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